A Canadian Engineered Safety Restraint System for Pressurized Flowlines.

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Lightweight temporary iron restraints for flowback, fracing, or nitrogen stimulation.


Protect people, property and profits by reducing liability in event of catastrophic failures.


One of the first systems designed specifically as a restraint system, anticipating the force vs. pressure.


Engineered stress tested up to 15,000 PSI

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Safe-T-Whip is a safety restraint system for pressurized pipe fittings. It is designed to decrease – but not eliminate – the uncontrolled movement on both sides of a pipe union during the case of catastrophic failure.

Safe-T-Whip is designed and made in Canada, for use on an iron 1502 hammer union pipe, with inside diameters of 1 to 6 inches and is recommended for pressures that range from 2,000 psi to 15,000 psi.

Safe-T-Whip layout creates a choke on either side of a potential rupture point, to reduce in-line movement as well as lateral movement should the need occur.

Safe-T-Whip consists of a series of nine restraints, that range from Regular to Heavy Duty, depending on the size of pipe and pressure that is being secured.

Safe-T-Whip system includes Anchors, Whips, and Continuous links that offer end-to-end restraint of flowlines for all lengths of pipe sections as well as swivels and joints. Each section is secured by both the upstream and downstream sections for the flowline.

All Safe-T-Whip Restraints and Anchors have been tested and certified to the CI-1500B standard. Material-based stress testing has been conducted as per CI-1305 and CI-1906. Testing reports are available upon request.

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