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Safe-T-Whip has designed and professionally engineered a new Canadian made safety product for use in the oilfield and fracking pads of the northern oil patch.

High pressure flowline pipes under extreme weather and oilfield conditions can have a chance to catastrophically fail, in which case endangering the people, and property around them.

Safe-T-Whip restraint system is designed to specifically mitigate that eventuality, by creating a lattice of interlinking ropes that form a basket over each joint in a flowline, and preventing the lateral movement or whip of any pipe that should come undone while under pressure.

This meets and exceeds the safety regulations that are now in place in most provinces and states, to ensure the safety of workers and rig crews.

Safe-T-Whip System consists of only two parts; rope restraints of nine lengths and styles, plus steel shackles. The total combination offers a complete lightweight, high-strength safety solution for any length of flowline on your worksite.

The Safe-T-Whip System saves money with the fastest assembly and dis-assembly times.

Safe-T-Whip RD-01
Safe-T-Whip A-RD-01
Safe-T-Whip Continuous RD-02-L
Safe-T-Whip RD-2-01
Safe-T-Whip A-HD-01
Safe-T-Whip Continuous HD-04S
Safe-T-Whip HD-01
Safe-T-Whip Continuous RD-02-S
Safe-T-Whip Continuous HD-04-L

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