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Safe-T-Whip™ System offers whip-lash protection from end-to-end of a flowline failures, including swivels and joints.



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Installing the Safe-T-Whip system is as simple as creating a leap-frog series of links that span each joint along a flowline, gripping both the upstream and downstream sides. This protects the pipes from excess movement laterally in the event of a joint failure.

Our professionally engineered design takes into account the extreme pressures, movements and temperatures that can be experienced in the oil fields, and fracking sites. Therefore we only use the highest grade materials to create the most durable, lightweight and easy-to-use portable pipe restraint on the market in Canada.

Safe-T-Whip Basket Choke Anchor


Safe-T-Whip layout creates a choke on either side of a potential rupture, reducing in-line flowline movement and lateral (whip) movement. Safe-T-Whip System offers end-to-end restraint of flowlines for all lengths of pipe sections including swivels and joints.

Safe-T-Whip System can be disassembled mid-flowline allowing for easy flowline refits or leak repairs.

Safe-T-Whip Swivel Head Restraints


Stores and transports in a hockey bag



Two lengths to suit a combination of job requirements



Individual serialization tags

Safe-T-Whip System Sizing

Safe-T-Whip System is available in three rating sizes: RD-01, RD & HD. It is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating between 5,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI for 2″ to between 2,000 PSI and 10,0000 PSI for 4” 1502 iron. Each system is flexible and easily adaptable to a variety of flow-line configurations and site conditions.

See sizing chart below to locate which Safe-T-Whip model to use. Safe-T-Whip System rating is  applicable to gas and liquid in energized and non-energized operations.

Iron Size Safe-T-Whip RD-01 Safe-T-Whip RD-2-01, RD-02 Safe-T-Whip HD
2″ – 50mm 5,000PSI – 34.5MPa 15,000PSI – 103MPa
3″ – 75mm 3,000PSI – 20.7MPa 10,000PSI – 69MPa 15,000PSI – 103MPa
4″ – 100mm 2,000PSI – 13.8MPa 10,000PSI – 69MPa


System Length
Whip RD-01 4′ – 1.2m
Whip RD-2-01 4′ – 1.2m
Whip HD-01 5′ 6″ – 1.67m
Zip-01 22′ – 6.70m
Anchor RD 8′ 5″ – 2.4m
Anchor HD 8′ 6″ – 2.44m
Continuous RD-Short 6′ 10″ – 1.08m
Continuous RD-Long 13′ – 4.0m
Continuous RD-XLong 30’-9.144m
Continuous HD-Short 7′ – 2.1m
Continuous HD-Long 14′ 8″ – 4.8m


Safe-T-Whip RD-01

Safe-T-Whip RD-01 is designed to be used for restraining a single pipe connection on a flowline installation in the oilfield or on a hydraulic fracturing pad. The RD-01 is rugged enough for extreme weather conditions, surface mud and oil spills, where it must provide reliable safety reinforcement, regardless of the conditions.

Safe-T-Whip - Green

RD-01 is the fastest safety whip to set up and pull down, consisting of a single choke and half hitch, it can be installed in less than a minute, and easily adjustable to make qhick changes.

Saving time, the light weight, and easy to haul around RD-01, makes this a favorite for operators, to quickly add and comply with site safety regulations.

The RD-01 is made from a light weight 12 strand Polyester fibre designed for 2″ to 4″ hammer unions. It will not rust, has no metalic parts, durable and impervious to water, oil and most chemicals.

Ropes made from this synthetic polyester material are just as strong as steel-wire ropes, yet significantly lighter, making them easier to handle, store and haul, saving time and money for operators and rig hands.

A properly installed RD-01 will significantly restrict the lateral “whip” movement of any pipe whose joint fails under presssure, creating an important safety net for operators.

Product Training

Safe-T-Whip safety training course can take place on location or on-line.

While a hands on approach is always the best way to learn, distances and timing may not always allow for it, so a comprehensive course is available online, with a safety certificate created for those that pass the final test.

Two courses are available, one covering Anchors and Whips, the other covering the linking of Continuous flow-lines.

Safe-T-Whip certificates and registered wallet cards are provided for personnel that have passed the safety training course successfully.


Always Available

Our safety training team are here to show you how to make the most of your Safe-T-Whip system, and keep your work site safe.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

Safe-T-Whip Installation

Renting or owning your own Safe-T-Whip system still requires qualified installation personnel to meet with local safety codes. We can provide qualified installers to come to your site to perform the rig up and down, or we can certify one of your own crew to do the installations themselves.

Either way you will discover just how quick and easy it is to perform, once you understand the flow of the links and understand how to check for complete link coverage.

We are here to help you, eitherway, and ensure your worksite is kept safe.

The entire system is light weight, and can be hauled and installed by just a single person.

Safe-T-Whip RD-01
Safe-T-Whip A-RD-01
Safe-T-Whip Continuous RD-02-L
Safe-T-Whip RD-2-01
Safe-T-Whip A-HD-01
Safe-T-Whip Continuous HD-04S
Safe-T-Whip HD-01
Safe-T-Whip Continuous RD-02-S
Safe-T-Whip Continuous HD-04-L

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